A Glass House

The calling to ministry is a special and terrifying thing. I felt the call the ministry over 25 years ago and still today I am trying to figure it what that looks like for me.

One of the main reasons I struggled to discern my calling to ministry and why I have been reluctant to except it, is simply the call to be an example (Hebrews 13:7). I grew up a pastor’s son and know first hand what it means to have your life be an example. I have often heard it said pastors live in a glass house.



And as a pastor’s kid, I somewhat resented the whole “glass house” thing but my dad did not. In fact, he gave me some hard advice, “The glass house is not contrary to my calling – it is my calling. How can my life be an example for others to imitate if I don’t let anyone see it?”

As I reflect on his advice, I see it as one of the most counter-cultural things a pastor in the United States can do. In a world of privacy fences, garage doors we close before we even get out of the car, tinted windows, and password protection, pastors say, “I will live my life before you. There will be no secrets. I want you to see my life so that you can imitate it.”

Did I mention that the call to ministry is terrifying?



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