Book Reviews

We are blessed to occasionally receive books from publishers for us to review on the blog. Please note that all books were received for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

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[Book Title | Author(s) | Publisher]

Engaging Theology: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Introduction | Ben C. Blackwell and R.L. Hatchett | Zondervan  Academic

Exploring Christology & Atonement: Conversations with John McLeod Campbell, H. R. Mackintosh, and T.F. Torrance | Andrew Purves | IVP Academic

 The Five Times I Met Myself | James L. Rubart | Thomas Nelson

Language for God in Patristic Tradition | Mark Sheridan | IVP Academic

Rediscovering Jesus | David B Capes, Rodney Reeves, & Randolph Richards | IVP Academic

The Gospel of the Lord | Michael Bird | Eerdmans

Deviant Calvinism | Oliver D. Crisp | Fortress Press

The Bible Tells Me So | Peter Enns | HarperCollins

Christian Faith & Social Justice (Five Views) | Jason Jewell, Daniel A. Dombrowski, Miguel A. De La Torre, Laura Stivers, & Elizabeth Phillips) | Bloomsbury

Why Church History Matters | Robert F. Rea | IVP Academic

Shaping the Prayers of the People | Samuel Wells & Abigail Kocher | Eerdmans

The Slavery of Death | Richard Beck | Wiph & Stock (Cascade Books)

Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology| Andrew Louth | IVP Academic

The Future of Biblical Interpretation | Stanley E. Porter & Matthew R. Malcolm | IVP Academic

Confessing Christ for Church and World | Kimlyn J. Bender | IVP Academic