Theological Education Outside the Classroom

I am very excited about a series of posts coming in the new year. Multiple pastors/scholars have accepted the invitation to answer questions about theological education outside the typical Western university style classroom. I will announce the contributors soon but will be looking at topics, such as:

  • Theological Education in the Digital World
  • Theological Education for Lay Pastors
  • Theological Education in Non-Western Contexts
  • Theological Education in Prisons (and with those transitioning from prison)
  • Theological Education with those dealing with Addiction and/or Homelessness
  • Theological Education with those having Special Needs
  • Still confirming others

This is not an exhaustive list, in fact, I would appreciate suggestions on topics I should consider including in the series. If you have an idea leave a comment or contact me via Twitter @ChambersChad.

One specific request, if you know anyone working on theological education in Central/South America that would be able to answer questions I would appreciate contact information.