Top 10 Posts on Cataclysmic in 2013

2013 was a good year for Cataclysmic. The biggest development was adding three wonderful new contributors to the blog and as you can see from the following list, they’ve made quite the impact.

The ten most viewed posts from 2013.

  1.  In Which I Disagree with Mark Driscoll (and it has little to do with women)
  2. Jesus is Cruciform, Not Octagonal (A Response to Mark Driscoll)
  3. Interpreting the Violent Imagery in Revelation
  4. Why the Left Behind Series Should be Left Behind
  5. Kenosis, Cruciformity, and Feminism
  6. Have We Ruined The Bible?
  7. Genuine Christmas Theology: Sermon Suicide?
  8. How To: Your First Biblical Studies Conference Paper
  9. Metaphor and The Enlightenment
  10. Paul’s Apocalyptic Imagination: ‘The Martyn School’




Meet Michelle…

Michelle Mikeska is an elder at First Colony Christian Church, where she serves as needed either through preaching or teaching.  She has also served at her church as the College Pastor.  She currently works full time as a teacher at Houston Christian High School where she teaches Christian Worldview to seniors.  Michelle received her Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Houston Baptist University, and completed a Masters thesis on the personification of Wisdom in Ben Sira and Wisdom of Solomon.  Michelle is married to Zack and they have two cats – Ellie and Strider (and yes that name is referencing LOTR).

In addition to being a Tolkien fanatic, Michelle is specifically interested in patristics, hermeneutics, ANE studies, applied ethics, and Second Temple Judaism.

Follow Michelle on Twitter @M_Mikeska

New Contributor…and other news

New Contributor

We are excited to add a new member to the growing team at Cataclysmic…

Michelle Mikeska (follow on twitter @M_Mikeska), a fellow HBU graduate, a Bible teacher, and minister, will be formally introduced and begin posting next week. Looking forward to seeing where Michelle and all the members of the team take Cataclysmic in the coming days.

Other News (or somethings to read over the weekend)

Glad to see Bryan Bibb begin blogging. His posts on “how professors should (or should not) engage the larger world outside the classroom as ‘public intellectuals’” have been great.

Mentioned this before, but if you are interested in academic blogging check out Joshua Mann‘s how-to on starting an academic blog. Great information and interviews with those who have been successful at blogging.