The Immanent God

“God’s revealing is simultaneously an unveiling and a veiling. God conceals Godself under the opposite of what both religion and reason imagine God to be, namely the Almighty, the majestic transcendent, the absolutely other. In one sense, to be sure, we may say on Luther’s behalf that God really is other – even “wholly other”, to use Rudolf Otto’s well-known term. But God’s otherness, for Luther, is not to be found in God’s absolute distance from us but in God’s willed and costly proximity to us. In simpler language (which, however, is the most profound language of all), God is other than we because God loves – and loves, as Anders Nygren, insisted, without ulterior motive, spontaneously.”

– Douglas John Hall, The Cross in Our Context, 20-21

On Predestination

Two quotes worth pondering:

“How can a person seriously believe that God is love and has given himself up for us on the cross, because he has loved us and chosen us from all eternity and has predestined us for an eternity of bliss in his presence – how can anyone seriously believe this ‘to be true’ and at the same time refuse to love God in return or despair of God’s love?”
– Hans Urs von Balthasar

“When wondering where and how to find the Creator God of predestination and majestic holiness, remember there is no other God besides this man, Christ Jesus. See God revealed, hanging on a Roman cross, for your sins.”
– Martin Luther