Gregory of Nazianzus on the Mystery of the Body

From Gregory’s Festal Oration 14:

St. Gregory of Nazianzus
Gregory the Theologian

How am I connected to this body, I do not know, nor do I understand how I can be an image of God, and still be mingled with this filthy clay; when it is in good condition, it wars against me, and when it is itself under attack, it causes me grief! I love it as my fellow servant, but struggle against it as an enemy; I flee it as something enslaved, just as I am, but I show it reverence as called, with me, to the same inheritance. I long that it be dissolved, and yet I have no other helper to use in striving for what is best, since I know what I was made for, and know that I must ascend towards God through my actions. (trans. Daley 48-49)