Storytellers, Meaning-Makers, and Pattern-Tracers

“Humans are storytellers, meaning-makers, and pattern-tracers.  Even before we learn to count we are constantly putting two and two together, tying episodes together into the daisy-chain cause-and-effect sequences we know as stories.  We hear songs on the radio and pull them into the soundtrack of our lives by associating them with struggles and scenes from our adventures.  We watch films and overwrite the screenplays with our own: we see ourselves as the hero; that actress or actor is my old girlfriend or boyfriend.  Man does not live by bread alone, but by stories.  And each story leads to another as the mind seeks to interpret, connect, and harmonize each new story into that single masterpiece we will author, consciousness’s magnum opus, every soul’s work, the Song of Myself… Believers imagine that a divine Listener hears this latter story.  The task of theology is the linking of our individual story to the biggest story we can imagine.”

– Gregory Mobley – The Return of the Chaos Monsters – And Other Backstories of the Bible (6)