Flight Anxiety & Divine Providence (A Comparison of Calvinism, Arminianism, and Open Theism)

Recent downtime in the Atlanta airport (Can you say, “Johnny Football”?) found me running my anxiety of flying through differing theological models of divine providence. Disappointingly, all three of the major models came up short when confronted with my neuroses. ¬†ūüėČ

“God could (and might) have eternally predestined this plane to crash and could (and might) personally ensure its destruction. ¬†There is no hope… In fact, God might be the one who ends up killing me.”

“God foreknows whether this plane will crash or not. ¬†If it ends up crashing, God decided not to intervene. ¬†This doesn’t make me feel much better… God knew about it and didn’t do anything!”

Open Theism:
“God doesn’t know whether the plane will crash or not and might not be able to intervene if it starts to. ¬†Well, I guess I can’t blame God… but we’re still going to crash in a fiery ball of steel.”

Of course, as Jessica Parks reminded me via text before departure: “There’s always hope for the resurrection.” ¬†Indeed, thank God for the resurrection of the dead!