Meet Michelle…

Michelle Mikeska is an elder at First Colony Christian Church, where she serves as needed either through preaching or teaching.  She has also served at her church as the College Pastor.  She currently works full time as a teacher at Houston Christian High School where she teaches Christian Worldview to seniors.  Michelle received her Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Houston Baptist University, and completed a Masters thesis on the personification of Wisdom in Ben Sira and Wisdom of Solomon.  Michelle is married to Zack and they have two cats – Ellie and Strider (and yes that name is referencing LOTR).

In addition to being a Tolkien fanatic, Michelle is specifically interested in patristics, hermeneutics, ANE studies, applied ethics, and Second Temple Judaism.

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Introducing New Contributors to Cataclysmic

Over the next several weeks, multiple changes will be coming to Cataclysmic.

The most exciting and immediately noticeable change will be the addition of two new regular contributors to the blog. I am happy to welcome – Jessica Parks and Mike Skinner. I met Jessica and Mike through our connection with Houston Baptist University. I was once a graduate student there and now teach as an adjunct; Jessica and her husband (Jimmy) graduated in May with matching Masters in Biblical Languages; and Mike is currently working on his Master of Theological Studies. Bios will post later in the week, in the mean time you can find out more about Jessica on her current blog Facing the Jabberwock (also @mrsjessparks on Twitter) or Mike at First Colony Christian Church (also @mike_skinner on Twitter). I am looking forward to all they will bring to Cataclysmic.

A second change is that Jessica has agreed to become the administrator for Cataclysmic and she has a green light to make any changes she wants. Thus, I am sure that over the next few months you will begin to see the blog refined. The changes may be slight or substantial, but certain they will be for the better.

Finally, with new contributors you will see content exploring topics that have not been previously considered on the blog. I am excited to see where Jessica and Mike will lead us in this regard. Also, the blog may even become more academic in nature, will see how it plays out, but it will not lose two central components.

  1. First, all three of us love scripture. We regard scripture as a source of authority over our lives, albeit we might describe it differently, and believe the voice of scripture continues to speak to us, in us, and through us. Thus, the blog will not lose it focus on scripture.
  2. Second, each of us values the church. Our scholarship and this blog are meant to edify; in other words, we think and write to serve the church. Therefore, the blog will continue to engage topics important to the church.

I, for one, am very excited about the future of Cataclysmic. Cataclysmic is changing. Welcome change.