Warp and Woof (1.25.2013)

The 25th’s version on the 26th. A day late but there was lots of good stuff out there this week.

The Insanity of God – A book of stories about living the Christian in persecution. Several times it made me cry and several times it left me speechless as I had to examine my own life. One quote for good measure,

“Persecution stops immediately where there is no faith and where there is no witness.”


Empowered Non-Staff Church Leadership – Ed Stetzer is working through 5 things he has learned from international church planting. The whole series has been informative, but I really appreciated this one (maybe because I am a lay person?). Can find the others by clinking the link.


God Without A Face – Ben Blackwell finished a four part review of  God Without a Face?: On the Personal Individuation of the Holy Spirit by Najeed Awad. Worth the read – Pt. 1, 2, 3, 4.


Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda – The Wabash Center Blog just started a series on the first year of teaching. The first one teaching in a “strange” place is good and a series worth following.


The Method Chapter – From Patter (hint: just about everything on this site is gold!), comes a way to think about the method chapter. This chapter has been the biggest hurdle of PhD thus far. It is just so foreign to anything else I’ve ever written, so I take all the advice I can get.


The Evangelical Mind – Peter Enns says the biggest scandal of the evangelical mind is that we can’t use it. I disagree with him, but a good read none the less.


Body Language in Romans – Tim Gombis has started a series on body in Romans. Will be following this, “Body language pops up throughout the letter, and in some very interesting places.  One could even argue that at the subtextual level, Paul narrates the journey of the human body from corruption to transformation.”




Warp and Woof (9.28.2012)

What is preaching? – Ed Stetzer has great article on preaching. Now I do not preach much, but I do listen to a lot of preaching…and Ed’s advice is spot on. It also speaks to those of who teach the Bible. Here is a sample (click above for whole article)…

I love all kinds of preaching–thematic, topical, verse-by-verse, creative, filled with meaningful illustrations and well-delivered–as long as it communicates God’s Word given to us. Anything else is not preaching. It’s just an airing of opinion that evaporates or a dissemination of advice for people to take or leave.


‘Does Digital Distraction Stunt Your Creativity?’ – We live on the internet. This may seem a bit of an exaggeration, but not really. Most have multiple places on the web where we interact everyday (most likely multiple times a day) – twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. And this is not even considering that the internet is where we get the news, do research, shop, find somewhere to eat, etc.

This article in the Telegraph talks about the dangers of the internet and this follow up article by Simon Bailey does a nice job of discussing its dangers for writers especially.

How big of a distraction is it for you? What ways to do monitor your usage?


Distracted Students – On a similar note, as a parent and a teacher I wonder about the effects of 24/7 connection on my boys and students. This a great article about how one professor challenged students to disconnect. Definitely worth the read.


Internet Manners – Finally, as we all learn how to engage with a world that is being lived on-line, this post on how to be good commenters should be required reading!


It has been a wild few weeks in our house…accidents everywhere. Started two weeks ago with me slamming my fingers in car door…then last week I tripped heading out the door to take boys to school and kneecap landed on root in yard (it hurt!)…oldest hit by middle with baseball bat…middle hit by youngest with golf club…and so on. Each accident was caused by divided attention. I know it is all part of life in a house with three young boys, but has made me reflect on paying attention.

My prayer is that I remember to focus on those closest to me, give them full attention when we are together. To look in their eyes when we talk, not a some screen. In a world so full of distractions, attention – full attention – is needed more than ever.

O Lord, make me know my end and what is the measure of my days; let me know how fleeting I am! – Ps. 39:4