Knowing Who We Are & Why We Are Who We Are

“In its regulation of home life and in its status as focus of discourse at the Sabbath assemblies, the law was indeed imprinted deep onto the lives and minds of Diaspora Jews, and it is not surprising to find Seneca complain that, by contrast to the ignorance of the Roman populace, Jews seem to be well informed about the rationale for their pattern of life (apud Augustine, De Civitate Dei 6.11).” – John Barclay, Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora (1996), pg.426

Will the same be said about us, the church here in the West (asking as one who lives in the West, specifically the U.S.)?  That we are well informed about the rationale for our pattern of life?  Is the church in the West biblically literate?  Are we well acquainted not only with the words of our Book but also the history, context, nature, etc. of the Bible?