There comes a point for all of us that we must admit certain things about ourselves, and I have reached a conclusion…I am not good at blogging!

Or at least blogging as I see others do it.

To blog well is putting out daily posts (or at least 3 a week) of 1000 or so words that not only ask questions but also at least point towards answers!

And it is time to be honest with myself, I am not going to do this! I can give lots of reasons, but the simple truth is I am just not going to do it.

I have recently began using twitter and it gives me a place to ask questions and point to interesting things I am reading. But I do want to continue to have a space where I ask questions in more detail (why I do I have this question), interact with (even if very briefly) things I read, post things I have written for other purposes (papers, articles, etc.) and every so often perhaps even write something original.

The question I have is do I take the time to set up an official blog (, or use something else like tumblr?

Any suggestions are appreciated, I will most likely make some decision this week so I can get it all going before teaching responsibilities start next week.