2 Videos: 1 for your soul & 1 for your mind

What should you do with your next 30 minutes of free time? Watch this sermon from one of my very best friends, Adam McIntire. Adam is the Junior High Pastor at Faithbridge Church in Spring, TX and years ago served as Youth Pastor at Fc3, the church that I lead. He recently got invited to address the entire congregation and delivered an amazing sermon. Enjoy.


If you still have about 7 minutes of free time left (after you’ve seen the sermon), check out this video from The Bible Project. They are doing some cool stuff and this is a nice video that channels N.T. Wright in an accessible way. I’ll definitely be using it in the future . . . I’m also planning on giving a hand at creating a few videos like this during the summer. We’ll see how they turn out. Anyway – enjoy the video and definitely consider donating to the project.