How We Got to Where We’re Going: A Story

For all you Greeksters out there, check out what my former classmate and friend Chris Fresch has been planning…

Old School Script

Posted by Chris with a “C”

Some may have seen my cryptic tweet the other day:

I hope I did not keep too many in suspense for too long.

… and I hope you do not mind being kept in suspense a little bit longer.

I would like to tell you a story …

In November of 2012, at ETS in Milwaukee, I had dinner with Steve Runge, Randall Buth, Josh Westbury, and Brian Schultz.  During our conversation, Randall mentioned the book The Prominence of Tense, Aspect and Mood by D.N.S. Bhat, a cross-linguistic, typological study of the interaction of tense, aspect, and mood in verbal systems. Randall told us that we had to read it and that it would inform our understanding of Greek.  We did.  It did.  For me, this was the beginning of really thinking about the Greek verbal system linguistically.

A year passed.  During the fall of…

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