Patristics Carnival XXXVI: All Souls’ Edition!

Patristics Carnival XXXII

Happy All Souls’ Day!

All Saints’ Day (celebrated yesterday, November 1) and All Souls’ Day are important holidays on the Christian Calendar. Read more about them here: What’s the difference between Halloween, All Saint’s Day, All Souls’ Day and Days of the Dead?

Enjoy the following posts on all things patristic!

allsaints-iconsFirst, a great post from Targuman on All Soul’s Day and Our Hope of the Resurrection.

Political Jesus writes on the divine feminine: God the father, proclaims the Good News about God’s Emotions. And Ours., and discusses Clement of Alexandria’s stance on women.

William Weedon provides a sermon for St. Lawrence’s Day as well as quotes from John Chrysostom on Galatians 2 and 2 Corinthians 3:6.

Wayne Coppins provides a quotation and analysis on Christoph Markschies’ book Christian Theology and its Institutions in the Early Roman Empire: Prolegomena to a History of Early Christian Theology: Christoph Markschies on Portraying the History of Theology as a One-Way Street.

Russ Warren explores seeing Salvation as Theosis in John 1.

Gabe Martini provides an interesting interview discussing his conversion From Baptist to Orthodox, reflects on The Great Feast of Transfiguration, and writes On Apocalypse and Tradition: The Source of Authority for Orthodoxy.

An Open Orthodoxy makes us aware of an important source on Cyril of Alexandria: Appropriating Cyril of Alexandria.

Speaking of Cyril, I offer some reflections on Cyril’s use of key texts: Cyril of Alexandria’s Canon Within The Canon – What’s Yours? 

William J. Abraham suggests that “a close proximity to the church fathers” is a treasure of Eastern Orthodoxy: Treasures and Trials of Eastern Orthodoxy.

In the Spirit of Halloween, John Sanidopuolos offers the following great posts:
St. Gregory of Nyssa on the Apparitions of Spirits of the Dead
John Chrysostom on Ghosts and Wandering Spirits
St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite on Vampirism
Saints Cyprian and Justina The Martyrs
In fact, make sure you check out his website for all kinds of great posts on Orthodoxy and Patristics: Mystagogy.

Father John Zuhlsdor gives us an Action Item: All Souls’ Day Indulgences

Roger Pearse directs us to Greek Patristic Manuscripts Online at the British Library: here and here, he gives us not of a sermon from Chrysostom now available online, as well as a sermon from Severian of Gabala On the Holy Spiritmakes note of yet another translation of Origen on Ezekiel. As always – keep up with Roger’s site for constant news & thoughts on all things patristic.

Jeff Marx writes a beautiful post on All Saints.

Josephus Flavius quotes St. Maximus on Innovation in theology.

The above is just a small sampling of all the profound patristic posts (points for alliteration?) that were blogged since the last Patristics Carnival. If I missed a great post – please leave a comment with a link so that we can all be enriched!

Finally, be on the lookout for Carnival XXXVII: Christmas Edition – hosted at Political Jesus.

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