Scot McKnight on the Politics of Jesus

“Roman politics is about power and domination and might and force and coercion and the sword. The politics of Jesus is about sacrificial love for the other even if that means death from the sword. Lording it over others is the way of Rome; serving others is the way of Jesus. The lords of the empire are for Jesus lordless lords. Those are two stories at work in two politics, and the politics of Jesus counters the politics of Rome.”

– Scot McKnight, Kingdom Conspiracy, 61. (review coming soon!)

2 thoughts on “Scot McKnight on the Politics of Jesus

  1. I always wonder if it’s accurate to use the word “politics” when it comes to discussions on Jesus’ Kingdom values. To me, politics implies a power struggle, whether it’s ruthless or civilized. I get what McKnight is trying to do, and I agree with the basic thrust of his statement, but in a way, I wonder if Jesus’ values embody the opposite of what we mean by “politics.” I would agree Jesus’ message has political implications, but I would welcome a wider discussion on what we mean by “politics” as it applies to Jesus.


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