The Holy Spirit – Our Mother

Obviously the Holy Spirit is genderless. However, for a variety of reasons it’s not uncommon for scholars to refer to the Holy Spirit with feminine pronouns. That’s why I was fascinated when I came across the following quote which put the concept of the Holy Spirit as feminine together with an interesting take on a classic passage in Romans 8.

“When teaching us to cry ‘Abba,’ the Spirit behaves like a mother teaching her own little baby to say ‘daddy,’ repeating that word along with the baby until it becomes so much the baby’s habit that it calls it’s daddy even in its sleep.” – Diadochus of Fotike, On Spiritual Perfection, 61.

2 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit – Our Mother

  1. This thread is highly irrelevant to the church which is in deep trouble. Addictions and enslavement to sin are rampant. Cultural impact from us is mostly minimal.

    Though αὐτός could be he/she/it, why go for “she” when no reliable translations do? “Man”= mankind is created in God’s image. That doesn’t mean that we have to force a “she” on the Godhead when it’s not warranted.

    Diadochus does not a trump card make. Nor do we have to assume that all aspects of “The Shack” or other works are Scriptural.

    Highly irrelevant. Is this where theologians live?


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