William C. Placher on “Biblical Preaching” – #QOTD

It ought to be a terrifying business to find yourself speaking the Word of God to the people of God. “Biblical preaching” should never be the slogan for noncontroversial, nostalgic piety, for the Bible tells about a covenant that shaped every aspect of people’s lives, prophets who challenged the powers-that-be, and a Christ murdered by the establishment of his time. These narratives of a vulnerable God are not safe stories. Indeed, the call to preach the Word of God may sometimes be a call to cause pain, to make yourself unpopular, to lose your job. The gospel of the crucified Jesus is not a safe retreat from the storms of contemporary social issues but sometimes the most direct and radical address to them that one can imagine.

– William C. Placher in Narratives of a Vulnerable God: Christ, Theology and Scripture (141)

* Featured in our list of Cataclysmic’s Favorite Books of 2013

One thought on “William C. Placher on “Biblical Preaching” – #QOTD

  1. Been reading THE CRUCIFIED LIFE by A.W. Tozer. This is life that has no fear. We are all equal in the battle cause once we are HIS, we live IN HIM, not restricted by fear, worry or doubt.. Old things have passed away. The question is always, are we truly IN HIM, or just kinda, sorta, want to pretend you are. Apples and oranges. Its all or nothing. No gray area. Would also agree with R.C. Sproul. Cynicism and skepticism are the crudest form of quasi-intellectualism . . . Let the cynic become cynical of his cynicism and the skeptic skeptical of his skepticism and join the battle. SHALOM<


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