Love Missions, Hate War

“Pacifist Christians are used to thinking of war as an ethical abuse because it is wrong to kill people, which is true. We can also talk about war as an abuse from the missionary perspective: when we kill people we cannot evangelize them. We do not see them as potential members of our community. We do not apply to them the relationship to the nations that the New Testament says God’s people should apply.”
– John Howard Yoder, Theology of Mission, 159.


4 thoughts on “Love Missions, Hate War

  1. It is false teaching to think that people are never to be killed. There are times for killing and times for peace. To come against the soldiers risking their lives for justice is cowardly at best. It is the Holy Spirit who leads in all we do and sometimes with justice that is killing. You may not like the sound of it but it killing can be in the line of justice. Pacifist have a right to what them think. It is wrong thinking, as the scriptures are clear on how God is in control, not the pacifist. And if you think God has no part in killing you do not know the God of the bible.


    1. Sure. More to the point of the quote above, do you think it would be appropriate for a Christian missiologist to discuss war in terms of “conversional opportunities preserved/lost”?


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