Best of April at Cataclysmic

Don’t miss out on the fun at Cataclysmic – here is a list of our 5 most popular posts during the month of April:

I’d Rather Be Christlike Than Biblical

“Jesus, not the Scriptures, is the true Word of God. The Scriptures give witness to the Word of God, but they are not the Word of God. The Bible needs to be interpreted through the lens of Christ – a truth that can be easily fumbled over when people are holding a fistful of clobber texts in the middle of a culture war.”

Knowing Our History

“The more we understand the historical role of the church in the work towards equality between men and women, the better we can dispel misconceptions about feminism and the church.  This is one reason I plan to start including women from church history in my weekly Frauen Friday series.”

Is Putin Ezekiel’s “Gog”? (Problems with the Bible Code Prophecy Craze)

“My interest in this claim and its popularity lies less in the particular statements made than in the interpretive impulses behind them. There is a bizarre and disturbing tendency for Christians to interpret biblical prophecy as a secret code, pertaining to our current geo-political affairs, which we must decipher.”

“Classical” Western Theory of Metaphor: Aristotle

“Aristotle’s view of metaphor focuses on single words that deviate from ordinary, literal language to evoke a change in meaning based on perceived similarities. Compare this to a summary of the common view of metaphor held today by many: metaphor is a linguistic devise useful for explaining something abstract by referring to something more concrete.”

The Problem of Hina: Theodicy in John 9

“What if John 9:3 is not a statement about God’s mysterious sovereignty, but about his clear desire to overcome any and all evil that has invaded his world. Such an interpretation would have the advantage of the lager context of the Gospels – where the clear assumption is that sickness and disease are the works of the devil, not God.”



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