2 thoughts on “Bragging on one of our own…

  1. I’m always happy for the praise – but I think Adrianna was being sarcastic here. 😛

    Here was the entire Twitter exchange:
    Adrianna: “Luke requires Acts to be understood properly” and vice versa. Hmm, the things I learn from @ivpacademic book proposals.
    Joel Watts: “@adriannawright Mark wants you to see Jesus in his gospel.” #boom. #bookcontract
    Jeremy Thompson: @eJoelWatts “too bad Matthew already wrote that” ‘nother book contract @adriannawright
    Me: “John is really different from the other three Gospels.” @jthom18 @eJoelWatts @adriannawright #contractsoncontracts

    And then finally: Adrianna’s tweet.

    BUT – I would entertain contract offers in order to write the book that starts the scholarly discussion about the difference between John and the other three (maybe we should call them something… how about “synoptics”?). 🙂


    1. I didn’t figure any contracts were on the way but thought I would post anyway! And if you hadn’t told everyone you could have basked in the glory…why do you think I only copied the last of the tweets.


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