In the Mail: Richard Beck’s “The Slavery of the Death” | Thanks @wipfandstock

Look what came in the mail today (courtesy of Cascade Books / Wipf and Stock)!

The Slavery of Death by Richard Beck


Even before I started blogging here at Cataclysmic, I was a daily reader of Richard Beck’s blog: Experimental Theology. I’m a BIG fan. Some time ago he did a series of posts called “The Slavery of Death” on the interplay between death and Christian living (utilizing somewhat equal parts of Eastern Orthodox theology and existential psychology) that I thoroughly enjoyed. In fact, I referenced these posts multiple times during sermon prep. The last time I needed some good sermon-fodder from Beck, I went to the blog and was frustratingly unable to find this series. After some digging around in the comments section, I saw that he had taken them offline because of a publishing deal he had signed for the material. That Sunday’s sermon might have suffered, but I was excited to be able to get my hands on the posts in the form of a book.  And now that I’ve got my very own copy to review for the blog, I can’t wait to read it and am looking forward to sharing my reflections!

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