When You Can Depend on God NOT to Keep His Word

It might sound odd, but some of my favorite parts of the Old Testament are when God does not keep his word. I find it both beautiful and encouraging to read of Moses or Abraham engaging with God for the forgiveness of others.

Here’s a quote from J.N. Oswalt from “Theology of the Pentateuch” in The Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch:

“There is only one situation in which he (YHWH) can be depended on not to keep his word: if he has announced destruction because of sin and is given almost any good reason to change his mind, he will gladly do so. The best of such reasons is repentance on the part of the sinner, but another is intercession.”

That’s what I call good news.

One thought on “When You Can Depend on God NOT to Keep His Word

  1. I’m thankful for those passages, too! I’ve always puzzled over them, however. I was taught that God is the “unchanging one.” Maybe we need to clarify what we mean by that…


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