The Eucharist: Defying the “unholy trinity”

Five Observations on the Eucharist as an Act of Defiance

1) The unholy trinity of Mammon (money), Mars (violence), & Venus (sex) are the gods of choice in our world. 

 2) Too often we slavishly sacrifice our marriages, families, and selves at the altars of these false gods.

 3) However, the sacrifice proclaimed and participated in at the Eucharist each Sunday enables Christians to refuse the sacrifices required by Mammon, Mars, and Venus.

 4) The Eucharist is an act of defiance towards the unholy trinity:

– Mammon is defied as we receive God’s gift freely and are called to give freely.
– Mars is defied as we worship the suffering, patience, and enemy-love of our God.
– Venus is defied as we are united with Jesus in his death to the world (crucifying our passions) and resurrection to life (being made alive in the Spirit) with the Father.

5) Kingdom people are called to be the real atheists of our world, refusing to give any ultimate value or meaning to the unholy trinity of our fallen world.

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