Top 10 Posts on Cataclysmic in 2013

2013 was a good year for Cataclysmic. The biggest development was adding three wonderful new contributors to the blog and as you can see from the following list, they’ve made quite the impact.

The ten most viewed posts from 2013.

  1.  In Which I Disagree with Mark Driscoll (and it has little to do with women)
  2. Jesus is Cruciform, Not Octagonal (A Response to Mark Driscoll)
  3. Interpreting the Violent Imagery in Revelation
  4. Why the Left Behind Series Should be Left Behind
  5. Kenosis, Cruciformity, and Feminism
  6. Have We Ruined The Bible?
  7. Genuine Christmas Theology: Sermon Suicide?
  8. How To: Your First Biblical Studies Conference Paper
  9. Metaphor and The Enlightenment
  10. Paul’s Apocalyptic Imagination: ‘The Martyn School’




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