Theological Education Outside the Classroom

I am very excited about a series of posts coming in the new year. Multiple pastors/scholars have accepted the invitation to answer questions about theological education outside the typical Western university style classroom. I will announce the contributors soon but will be looking at topics, such as:

  • Theological Education in the Digital World
  • Theological Education for Lay Pastors
  • Theological Education in Non-Western Contexts
  • Theological Education in Prisons (and with those transitioning from prison)
  • Theological Education with those dealing with Addiction and/or Homelessness
  • Theological Education with those having Special Needs
  • Still confirming others

This is not an exhaustive list, in fact, I would appreciate suggestions on topics I should consider including in the series. If you have an idea leave a comment or contact me via Twitter @ChambersChad.

One specific request, if you know anyone working on theological education in Central/South America that would be able to answer questions I would appreciate contact information.

One thought on “Theological Education Outside the Classroom

  1. On the specific request,Gary Shogren (author of the commentary on Thessalonian epistles in the ZECNT series) teaches with ESTEPA in Costa Rica. email me for contact info.


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