Meet Michelle…

Michelle Mikeska is an elder at First Colony Christian Church, where she serves as needed either through preaching or teaching.  She has also served at her church as the College Pastor.  She currently works full time as a teacher at Houston Christian High School where she teaches Christian Worldview to seniors.  Michelle received her Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Houston Baptist University, and completed a Masters thesis on the personification of Wisdom in Ben Sira and Wisdom of Solomon.  Michelle is married to Zack and they have two cats – Ellie and Strider (and yes that name is referencing LOTR).

In addition to being a Tolkien fanatic, Michelle is specifically interested in patristics, hermeneutics, ANE studies, applied ethics, and Second Temple Judaism.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Michelle…

  1. Hey Jessica,
    Was wondering how do you address the text where Paul does not allow women to teach or exercise authority of a man. I have been apart of many a Beth Moore classes and what Ive seen is good. It seems like Im seeing a lot of Female pastors popping up. The word Pastor seems to indicate and would involve some authority of a man. Would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. thanks!


    1. Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your comment. I personally hold to an egalitarian position with the understanding that roles in the church and home are gift-based not gender-based and that every role/office in the church is open to women just as it is to men. I think there is both scriptural support and historical support for this position.

      There are several options on reading 1 Timothy 2:12-15. I will try and address this issue in the next couple of weeks but it is too lengthy a discussion to post as a comment. For now, I would point you to Philip Payne’s ( thorough work ‘Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul’s Letters). Also, I agree with much of what I. Howard Marshall has written in his commentary on the Pastoral Epistles.

      I would be happy to do a post (more likely a series of posts) on the issue of women in the church in the near future to expound on my position. I look forward to more discussion on the subject. Thanks!


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