New Contributor…and other news

New Contributor

We are excited to add a new member to the growing team at Cataclysmic…

Michelle Mikeska (follow on twitter @M_Mikeska), a fellow HBU graduate, a Bible teacher, and minister, will be formally introduced and begin posting next week. Looking forward to seeing where Michelle and all the members of the team take Cataclysmic in the coming days.

Other News (or somethings to read over the weekend)

Glad to see Bryan Bibb begin blogging. His posts on “how professors should (or should not) engage the larger world outside the classroom as ‘public intellectuals’” have been great.

Mentioned this before, but if you are interested in academic blogging check out Joshua Mann‘s how-to on starting an academic blog. Great information and interviews with those who have been successful at blogging.

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