Meet Mike…

Mike Skinner is the Lead Pastor of First Colony Christian Church (Sugar Land, TX) and has served in that role for just under 5 years. He also teaches full-time at a local high school, Fort Bend Christian Academy. His class at FBCA is the freshmen Bible course which covers the four Gospels and the book of Revelation. In his free time, Mike is finishing up a master’s degree in Theological Studies at Houston Baptist University. He is particularly interested in hermeneutics, political theology, theological ethics, homiletics, and patristics. Since he is also currently writing his master’s thesis on Cyril of Alexandria, it would be fair to expect some reflections on Cyril’s work and theology. Mike is looking forward to offering some thoughts and interacting with readers on these issues and more.

Follow Mike on Twitter @mike_skinner and listen to his latest sermon from the Resident Aliens series – Don Quixote (Daniel 4).

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