Cataclysmic, Changes, and Academic Blogging

As I announced a few weeks ago, there are changes coming to Cataclysmic. On that note, I have found the series of posts by Joshua Mann on Academic Blogging interesting. One of his points, especially in his interviews with popular bloggers, has been a blog must be consistent. And as you may have noticed this is a real issue at Cataclysmic. I enjoy blogging and have great intentions, but ‘real work’ often gets in the way (particularly in the summer when my kids and I spend a lot of quality time together!).

Therefore, I am excited that two more regular contributors will be joining the blog (another topic discussed in Mann’s series). More info will come later this week, followed by bio’s and soon their first posts.

**If you would be interested in joining Cataclysmic we would like to add one more regular contributor. Please leave comment below or email jchambers at for more information.

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