Warp and Woof (2.15.2013)

The week in review…

Open, Generous, Connected – I had not heard of Seth Godin until a few months ago, and I am still not sure exactly what he does? But much of what he writes is applicable to both the church and academia. Interesting to think about his first term in the life of the church and the last in academia.

Conference Papers – I have only given a few papers at conferences so am I no expert, but thought John Goodrich‘s post on what to do when no one asks questions was insightful and humorous. Having experienced the awkward silence at least it is good to know I am not alone.

Academic Writing – Come on let’s join together and scream at academic writing! It is too dense! It is too jargonic (made that word up)! It is too long! Well John Elbow at OUP Blog and Rachael Cayley at Explorations of Style (great blog!) discuss why sometimes there is nothing that can be done because to explain complex, detailed, and sophisticated research can require dense writing. But I think we all agree that doesn’t mean we can quit trying to be better writers!

And if this is the end of the world at least happen quickly because all these people screaming about it drive me crazy!

And to conclude Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday. Hopeless romantic I am not.

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