Warp and Woof (1.18.2013)

The first warp and woof of 2013 and only three topics? I consider it win that I did not spend too much time on the internet this week, rather was reading from books! Not saying that the internet is bad, just books are better…OK sermon is over. The links:


How to Become a Biblical Scholar – Quick and informative interview of Clifton Black that also hits the trifecta … mentioning quacks, shysters, and nut-jobs.


Phyllis Trickle, Twitter Arguments, and Privilege – Not really tied into the Emergent scene, but these three articles are good reads (agree or disagree). I especially appreciated Krista Dalton’s on privilege because sometimes I feel like I should apologize for being a white male…newsflash: I wasn’t part of the decision making process!


Since I read books this week, I feel entitled to tell you how to read more books. Actually not me, but will point you in good direction.


Hope to see you Monday as I survey the way metaphors have been understood from Aristotle to Lakoff.

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