Blogging 2013

I have finally moved into the New Year and slowly getting back to doing all those things I should be doing.

No, blogging is not one of them, but it is something enjoy. This year I am going to be very intentional in my blogging and have three posts a week each tied to a particular topic.

Metaphor and Biblical Interpretation

The beginning of the week post will be about my academic research. The first set of posts is going to be about how we employ metaphor theory in biblical interpretation. It is the methodology section of my thesis and part of a paper I writing for submission to SBL. (Will post later today to set this up.)

The Link

The mid-week post will be from the class I teach at Houston’s First Baptist Church on Wednesday evening. This semester we are studying Ecclesiastes and the Sermon on the Mount together. We are going examine the difference between living life in vain and life redeemed.

Warp and Woof

The end of the week round-up will be a sampling of stuff from around the web, quotes from books I’m reading, and/or where God is working on me.

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