Warp and Woof (10.5.2012)

A post from Monday on Conceptual Metaphor and biblical interpretation received a lot of attention so thought I would start by pointing out several articles, sites that you can visit to find more information:

The Analogical Mind Perspectives fromCognitive Science 2001

Cognitive Linguistics Research and Resources – International Cognitive Linguistics Association

The Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences – University of Oregon

The Limits of Realism – Nancey Murphy


The Science of Procrastination – Maybe we will find time to watch this later!


Want you message to Stick? Tell a story – Marketers have known this for a long time…We forget facts but we remember stories! I know, I grade tests of college students. How can this change the way we preach?


Literature Review – I am in the process of wrapping up the initial review for my dissertation. These two articles by Explorations of Style and Pat Thomson really helped me get my mind around what it should be and how to do it? These two websites are great resources for researchers (just don’t tell anybody else!).


It has been a crazy week around our house, as I knew it would be. I have been preparing a lesson from Hebrews for quite a while on sabbath – What it means? What is it for? How do we do it? This past Wednesday was the night to teach it so I knew it was going to be a crazy week.

God always seems to work that way, as I prepare to teach a  lesson I have to be prepared to learn the lesson myself. It is one the reasons all teachers need breaks, it is not just the study prep but the life prep! I think this week I will teach on feeding the 5000, maybe God will teach me to cook!

For whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.  Hebrews 3:10

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