The Right Hand of God…Bringing Glory

The blog has been slow the past week, but I have a good excuse…no really, I do.

Last week my right hand had an unfortunate encounter with the car door. I’ll spare you the details and pictures (if you are one of those disappointed right now, you need help!), but today is the first day that typing anything longer than a simple email is even on the radar.

Though the blog was inactive last week, our study of Hebrews was not. We discussed how as the  ‘one-for-all’ sacrifice Jesus Christ brings salvation – what we called the ‘it is finished’ portion of Hebrews. Christ’s death, his sacrifice, his blood put away sin completely, perfecting those who are children (10:14,18). Our guilt has been put away for forever and we can live in full assurance that was is finished cannot be unfinished.

This weeks study moves from the ‘one-for-all’ sacrifice to Jesus being present at the right of God. Hebrews is sometimes accused of lacking a clear view of the resurrection. While it does heavily focus on the sacrifice (the cross), one of the ways Hebrews employs resurrection language is the phrase – the right hand of God (Hebrews 1:3; 1:13; 8:1; 10:12; 12:2  – just a note it is said different ways but all pointing to same reality).

The phrase is popular in the OT, especially Psalms, and draws to mind many different images. Hebrews will use these images, but its ultimate point is  to leave us in awe of Christ. The question is:

Is the presence of this Jesus,

the living king who reigns in power,

intercedes in tenderness,

and is enthroned in majesty,

a reality in your life?

Not theoretically, as in yes I believe that, but reality, as in I walk in that, this reality shapes my existence.

 1. Expected – We all have those things we see coming (retirement, graduation, marriage, children, empty nest, etc.), they are out there and in many cases we even know when they will get here. And even though we can anticipate and plan for them we are still scared, unsure, “Can I do this?”

2. Unexpected – When life hands us a surprise , the things we can’t see coming and most often should be thankful we don’t. It can be negative loss of a job, loss of a loved one, severe illness or injury…but it can also be an unexpected blessing – financial, miracle (in our case our third child is our unexpected blessing!).

3. Ultimate – We will all die, do you trust God will be there at death? Do you trust God to be there as you grow old, to prepare the way for you to meet him face-to-face? Or do you cling to every new promise of the fountain of youth?

To believe Christ is at the right hand of God ruling, interceding, and enthroned reminds us he is in charge. Reminds us that wherever we are going, whether it is expected, unexpected, or ultimate, he is already there…preparing our way to glory. One of the greatest quests of our spiritual life is to see God this way and to stand in awe of him. To believe that our God is bringing his children home, bringing us to glory (2:10).

It all reminds me of the words of the familiar hymn – whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say – It is well with my soul!



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