Blogging Future

After giving it sometime to ruminate on if I want to continue “attempting” to blog, I have decided that I do want to blog, but only under the right circumstances.

So what are the right circumstances? This took me some time to figure out and it has lead me in two directions:

1. This blog – I have decided that there are three things I really want to share on this blog – what I am reading, what I am teaching, and what I am learning. These seem like fairly broad categories, but each has specific attachment for me…here is how they will look:

Monday – Each Monday I will post a book review of one of the books I read over the past week. This will not be a full on critical review as would be submitted for publication, but will offer synopsis, strengths/weaknesses, and who benefits from this book the most sections.

Wednesday – I teach a class on Wednesday nights at Houston’s First Baptist Church. It is a great group of people who are really hungry to dive into God’s Word and willing to engage the difficult questions it presents us. Over the past four semesters we have studied Galatians, Malachi, Jude, and currently The Kingdom of God. This fall we are going to spend 10 weeks in Hebrews. Each Wednesday will post class handout (outline) from our lesson and a piece on what we are learning.

Friday –  This will be eclectic mix of what God has used to challenge me from the week…will perhaps include stuff from around web, thoughts on current topics, thoughts on scripture whatever God has been pressing into my heart for that week.

2. A communal PhD/Research blog – one of the big things I am looking for in a blog is the chance to discuss research. Not just ideas we are researching, but the whole process of research. I am currently reaching out to some people about setting up a communal blog dedicated to discussing these ideas. Hopefully there will be more to come on this one!

So there it is. Hope to see here!

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