Restore Joy

What or who gives you joy?

Why do you get joy from doing this certain thing or being around that certain someone?

These are questions we can ask about all kinds of areas in out life, as a matter of fact they sound a lot like interview questions…you know the ones where we talk about ourself, but in reality we are saying the things we think the other person wants to hear.

Our culture has a tendency to value what over who. Think about the conversations we have upon meeting someone new. They center on what questions not who questions. Some will say this is not because we value the what, but actually the opposite- the what is for the superficial and the who is what we get to as we get to know someone. The problem with this, if in fact true, is that we so seldom get to know people past the what. Our lives are lived at the what level and this is way more telling as to what we value than what we say. The what drives how we position ourselves in relationships, at work, in school, at play, etc. The what is indispensable the who is a luxury.

But what does this have to do with joy? Well, a whole lot I think. We can get happiness from many things, but joy is centered around what we think is important. And when we focus on the what then we start to try to find joy in what and this is dangerous. What is not stable, what is not consistent, the what will get old and we will need a new what. If we depend on the what to give us joy we will be disappointed or become bored, either way is dangerous.

Joy then can only come from who, and for Christians this gives us great hope. Who we are is stable because it does not depend on me, but comes from who I am in Christ. Who we are is consistent because it is not up to me to maintain it but is held in the hands of God. Who we are will never get old because we can forever search the unimaginable mysteries of our maker and creator.

If you are lacking joy in your life maybe the question you need to ask…

Who is God calling you to be?

Not what is he calling you to do, but who?

Our joy comes from who we are in Christ, not what we do for Christ.

Restore to me joy of my salvation!

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