Sunday Paper

George Will and Knowing History – Regardless, of whether you agree with his politics this a good article to remind us that “The lesson of all this is that one’s sense of possibilities — and proprieties — is shaped by what we know, and often do not know, about history.”

Racial Reconciliation and the Church – This article is from a few weeks ago but it is worth the wait! If you didn’t know the Southern Baptist Convention elected its first African-American President a few weeks ago. This is a paradigm shifting event, a denomination formed over the right to have slaves now has an African-American president, but race reconciliation cannot stop here. There is much still to do and it is a gospel issue not a social one.

 The Freeh Report and Penn State’s Culture – As the father of 3 young boys this story has almost been unwatchable for me. I can only pray for those who have been molested, as I cannot imagine the pain of having this play out so publicly. Also, I have to pray for God to deliver me from my fear and that my boys be protected. But this story hits me at several points, my love for my boys and my passion for college athletics. The power and influence we give to people because they can win a lot of games, even if it is the most ever, condemns us all.

Read, Read, Read – Finally, read…anything! To read is better than not to read.

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