We have a story to tell…why are we so bad at telling it?

Christianity has a story to tell, in fact we have “the” story to tell, but I often wonder why we are so bad at telling it. The story can either get turned into ‘three-points and a poem’ or it is told in a static, fixed manner that sucks it of life.

Over the next few posts (looks like the first I know, but this a reset of the blog so everything else is gone!) I want to discuss storytelling and scripture. All to often this is a subject that is ignored, I think because we get scared of talking about scripture and storytelling in the same sentence. Stories are things we tell our kids at bedtime, stories are in the fiction section of the bookstore, stories are the lighter side of life not meant for the grownup table.

But stories have an ability to move us, change us by giving us a clearer view of reality. This is why you tear up at Hallmark commercials, they are not selling you a product they are drawing you into a story. This is why a good book requires discussion, it is not innocent entertainment it is being presented a worldview. Stories dictate what we can see and can’t see by their point of view (tomorrow’s post)…they give hope by the future they portray…they re-imagine a past by transcending the circumstances.

If they are this powerful, then shouldn’t we become better storytellers? That is the hope of these posts.

So if you want to come along lets discuss:

Who is telling stories well?

What can we learn from them?

What is involved in being a good storyteller?

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